Project Team

The main priority now is to form a project team to take the project to it's first development.  The community company is looking for a variety of skills that people can contribute a few hours per week or month.  We are offering remuneration in the form of bonds.  After the 1st development launches, positions can become employed.

Areas and skills needed:

  • Internal communications - member services (especially online), newsletter
  • External communications - website, conventional media, online media, events
  • Policy - research, advice and member engagement
  • Project co-ordinator - overall management and co-ordination
  • Finance - bonds, grants, accounts, budgets
  • Administration - enquiries, support co-ordinator and directors
  • Construction - oversee designs, suppliers, construction contracts
  • Property - maintenance and services management
  • Tenant services - site co-ops, tenancy management
  • Environment - advise and research suppliers and options
  • Sites - research and assessment, acquisitions
  • Legal - housing, company, social enterprise, employment, data

An area of skills does not need to be overseen by one person.  A team or job-share may be best.  Applications for any of the skills in any of the areas accepted for consideration.

The company is interested to hear from individuals and local businesses.  If you're interested in getting involved in the project team, please email us with your interests, skills, history and any thoughts and questions you may have.

Email by 31st May 2017.